How do I use CBD oil products?

CBD oil cream.

Using CBD oil in a cream presentation is a wonderfully soothing way to treat your symptoms. These can be gently massaged into the skin to work the CBD oil right into where it is needed. The pain relieving and anti-inflammatory action of CBD soon gets to work on your symptoms- additionally the massaging actions helps circulation to help promote healing.

CBD oil is carefully blended with a range of luxuriant plant and seed oils to gently care for your skin while delivering the power of CBD right to where you need it. Our range includes a CBD and Manuka blend in a choice of CBD content, we also carry a rescue and revive face cream to care for the delicate facial area, and our cooling muscle and joint cream reduces pain and inflammation caused by medical conditions or over-exertion.

We stock a range of creams that are safe to use on all skin types, although these are safe for use on delicate skin, we would not recommend using these intimately or internally.


CBD drops are one of the most popular ways to take your daily supplement of CBD oil. Available in a range of potency from 300mg up to 1000mg of CBD per bottle.

These are supplied in a glass bottle with a pipette fitted into the lid to make measuring and taking the dose easy. Most people simply drop the oil under their tongue; however, these drops can be added to smoothies, post-workout protein shakes, or even pop them in your night time cocoa.

Capsules and tablets.

Capsules and tablet form of CBD oil are growing in popularity as they are so discreet and convenient, and many women want the reassurance they are taking the same amount of CBD each day. Simply pop them in your bag to take on the go, or load them into your pill organiser to make sure you never miss your daily dose.

Our range of CBD tablets and capsules are available everyday use, and we stock products that target specific complaints such as CBD with melatonin to aid sleep, and women’s monthly wellness capsules that have added natural extracts to target hormonal imbalance and discomfort.


Which ever way you choose to take your CBD dosage will be personal to you, however, we would advise you to start on a low dose and build up the amount until you find what is right for you.

If you are taking prescription medication or do not have a professional diagnosis for your complaint, it would be a good idea to discuss these issues with a qualified medical practitioner before taking CBD oil supplements.