How is CBD oil produced and is it legal?

To enable us to ensure you get the very best quality oil in your products, we only stock products from manufacturers that can assure us of the safety and integrity of their oils from plant to bottle. It is so important for us at Shecanna to know that every drop of what we sell will make a positive impact on your health and wellbeing.

How CBD oil is produced.

CBD is extracted from Cannabis Sativa plants in a variety of ways. The most common, safe, and reliable processes are CO2 extraction, ethanol extraction, or carrier oil extraction.

Carrier oil extraction: The hemp is heated to activate the natural compounds in the plant, this is called ‘decarboxylation’. The hemp is then mixed with a food grade oil such as olive or coconut oil and heated for several hours to allow the CBD from the hemp to infuse into the carrier oil.

Ethanol extraction: Ethanol breaks down the fibres of the cannabis plant which enables the CBD compounds to be transferred into the ethanol solution. The CBD is then extracted from the alcohol to be used in wellbeing products- the alcohol is not transferred with the CBD so you will not unknowingly be consuming alcohol.

CO2 extraction: When CO2 is put under pressure and taken down to a certain temperature it becomes a liquid. Liquid CO2 then acts as a solvent which is passed through hemp plant matter to draw the CBD oils into the liquid. This CBD infused liquid is then processed to remove the CO2 and leave the beneficial CBD compounds to be made into safe nutritional supplements.

CBD oil is completely legal.

Cannabis is a controlled substance under Class B  of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. CBD is not included within the list of controlled or banned substances as long as it does not contain THC levels exceeding 0.2%.

CBD oil cannot be marketed or sold as a medicine, or claim to be able to cure any illness, it can be sold as a food supplement under ‘The Food Supplement (England) Regulations 2003’. The restrictions and conditions of producing food supplements is high as it has to ensure all products are safe for human consumption- you can be assured that all the products we stock and sell meet the criteria of this legislation.

Our ranges of CBD oil products are therefore completely safe to consume as part of a healthy diet and are totally legal to buy and use in the UK.